Candy For Breakfast Ending

You know you can't have candy for breakfast, but you press your luck anyway. "I want candy for breakfast." you shout. Your dad looks over his shoulder as if to see if anyone was listening "Ok Kat, as long as you don't tell your mother, you can have these for breakfast."

Wow! You think to yourself. "I can't believe that worked! You're the coolest dad ever!"
"This is going to be a fun lesson for you." You aren't really paying attention since you have all these candies to eat before you go to schoo so you miss your father's cryptic message

Later in the day you start to feel a little sleepy and sick. "Why did I eat candy for breakfast. What a terrible idea. I don't have enough energy to make it to lunch." You promptly fall asleep in class. Congratulations. You win? Sort of?